Top 10
Machine Translation Service Providers

The machine translation market is dynamic and constantly evolving, with new providers and technologies emerging regularly. While it’s challenging to determine an exact ranking, here are ten popular machine translation service providers based on their reputation, market presence, and technology:


Nambix: Nambix is a machine translation service provider that offers an AI-based software delivery model that quickly gives the output on automated transcription, automated captioning, automated translation, and automated subtitle translation services using MTPE.


Microsoft Translator: Microsoft Translator is another well-known machine translation service that supports multiple languages. It offers a cloud-based API for developers to integrate translation capabilities into their applications.


Amazon Translate: Amazon Translate is a machine translation service that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides. It uses deep learning neural networks to deliver accurate translations and offers an API for integration with various applications.


DeepL: DeepL is a European-based machine translation provider that gained popularity for its high-quality translations. It employs neural networks and provides translation services for several language pairs.


IBM Watson Language Translator: IBM Watson Language Translator is a part of the IBM Watson suite of AI services. It offers a cloud-based API for developers and supports translation between multiple languages.


SYSTRAN: SYSTRAN is a well-established machine translation company that offers a range of translation solutions, including on-premises software and cloud-based APIs. It has a strong focus on customizability and domain-specific translation.


Yandex Translate: Yandex Translate is a machine translation service provided by Yandex, a Russian technology company. It supports various languages and offers translations for different text types.


SDL Language Cloud: SDL Language Cloud is a cloud-based translation platform that combines machine translation with human post-editing services. It offers customization options and integration with other translation management tools.


Promt: Promt is a machine translation software company providing solutions for individuals and businesses. They offer desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud-based services.


Lilt: Lilt is a machine translation provider that focuses on combining artificial intelligence with human translators. Their platform offers interactive translation and editing tools to enhance productivity.